Harry Martawijaya

Harry Martawijaya - Art & Design Works

Freelance designer/artist based in Bandung city, Indonesia.

Graduated from the Faculty of Visual Art & Design, Bandung Institut of Technology, majoring in Interior Design.

Harry’s Linkedin profile is here

Art direction | Concept visualization and design | Logo/identity design | Comics and illustration | Print and publication design

Indismart Creative Media – 2011 | Multimedia designer.
Creating storyboards for interactive education content, supervising programmers, animators and illustrators.
Small & Smart Advertising – 2004 – ~ | Freelance Graphic Designer/Illustrator/3D Artist.
Designing cover for magazines, bulletins, annual reports; creating 3D images and hand drawing as illustrations for various publications.
Palmyra Studios – 2005-2010 | Art Director/Designer/Illustrator.
Giving direction to design team, creating bulletins, magazines & publications, illustration for product presentation, company profiles, merchandise design, video & 3D animation.
Prisma Tiga Mandiri – 2003-2004 | Art Director/Designer
Designing and directing interactive educational CD-ROMs.
Digital Studio Workshop – 2002-2007 | Instructor
Teaching 3D Modeling & Animation course and Video Editing & Visual Effect course.
Multimedia Sasana Budaya Ganesa – 2000-2001 | Art director/Designer
Designing and directing interactive company profile presentation.